About this project

This project aims to collect data on gender representation in music performances, focusing on the European and North American contemporary and experimental music scenes. In particular, it is interested in helping institutional critique and reform by providing data on the programming choices made by festivals, ensembles, and concert series.

On the home page you will find the most recent collections of concerts. Click on one to see more data for that collection or try searching for a festival using the search box.

If you would like to request that some data be included, spot inaccurate data that needs correcting, have any questions, or would just like to say hi, please get in touch!

Notes on the data

  • This project doesn’t tell every story. Questions of gender representation and justice are complex. We aren’t collecting data on work durations, commission or performance fees, or more subjective social measures of how work by individuals is valued. This data doesn’t explicitly document toxic working environments, gender-biased expectations of musicians, or incidents of sexual harassment. We stand in solidarity with everyone struggling to change the communities they work in and hope that in some small way this data is helpful in those efforts.
  • Collecting demographic data such as that on gender is challenging. It is possible that in the process of data collection, some individuals may be misgendered. We welcome any corrections of data, and apologize in advance for any errors made.
  • Unless otherwise noted, data is collected from publicly available program listings. In some cases, it is difficult to discover an accurate personnel line-up for concerts involving groups of performers with varying membership. In these cases, only data on the performers named in the program is collected.

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